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January 15, 2016

Dear Friends,

It is only 15 January and yet so much is already happening in our ministry world. Allow me to share a few of these with you.

  1. On 4 January, Isaac Modise , our Southern African regional coordinator trained the first Portuguese Live School facilitators in Mozambique. He had the joy of training the facilitators for 23 churches. Lord willing 10 pilot schools will start there in the next week. Some of their students will be asked to give a first hand report at the official launch of the Portuguese translation of the Live School in the Capital of Mozambique on 18 & 19 March. Please pray for the organizers in Maputo who are busy preparing for the event where they expect 200 pastors to attend!


  1. I arrived in Grahamstown, a university town in the Eastern Cape Province of South Africa at a place called Comfort Farm two days ago. (You may recall I wrote a News Bullet a few years ago describing the total devastation that took place on the farm when a tornado accompanied by hail and a huge thunder storm came across the ,farm and blew the roof of the building off. All the cars that were parked under a large tree were severely damaged when the tree’s limbs broke off and crashed onto the cars). This happened on the day that we launched the first Live School on the farm. Since then the Lord has provided in miraculous ways and the owners, Fanus and Anantha Louw, were able to restore and revamp the buildings. They can house up to 30 students on the property.

The Comfort Ministries board together with Fanus and Anantha have forged a wonderful partnership with us and have agreed to help us train specially selected leaders from various countries over a period of three months starting on 17 January until 10 April. These men and women will be trained on how to not only run a Live School, but also to train others to run Live Schools. The plan is that they will return to their own country and or city to help our regional leaders to start many more Live Schools in those regions.

The first students arrived here yesterday. We expect to have a full contingent here by the end of the weekend. They are coming from Mozambique – To serve the roll out of Live School in Portuguese, From Ethiopia – from here he will go to serve in a predominantly Muslim country, From DR Congo and Johannesburg to serve the roll out of Live School in French, both in Central Africa and French speaking South Africa, From Swaziland and Zimbabwe and South Africa who will serve in various parts of these countries.

It is SUCH A BLESSING to see that the place the enemy tried to destroy with a tornado is now being used to train and ultimately bless so many different parts of the world. Please pray for the students and leadership of the school. That they will constantly know the presence of the Lord and that they will be inspired to go back to make a huge KINGDOM IMPACT in their countries.
I will stay on the farm for nearly two weeks to help start the program before returning to Cape Town.

  1. And while the school is starting on Comfort Farm, we also have a smaller school starting in the Western Cape that will be training five men and women to help with the roll out of the Live School in the Russian speaking world. Please pray that their outreach arrangements and visas will be done in a timely manor.

The next few months will be extremely busy and fruitful. The harvest is truly ripe. We see people all over the world, especially in some of the hard to reach places that are open, eager and willing to hear more about the Love of Christ and to accept Him as Lord and Savior. Jesus said the harvesters are few – PRAY therefore the Lord of the Harvest to “THRUST OUT” harvesters into the harvest field.

As you stand with us in your prayers and financial support you are helping to train more harvesters to reap the fields of souls that are ready to come to Jesus!

Many blessings
Willie & Lydia Crew

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