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March 10, 2016

Dear Friends,

For the past nine days, World Mission Centre’s (WMC) regional team leaders – overseeing the vast stretches of Russia’s 11 time zones (including the former countries under Soviet rule), the Middle East, West, East, Central, Northern and Southern Africa, the Caribbean and Central America – together with the media team leader and Willie & Lydia, met in the Paarl Valley, Western Cape.

Facilitated by Willie Crew, founder and director of WMC, they gathered to strategize how best to position themselves to respond to the remarkable numbers of people, in spite of the chaos in the world, who are open to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. There are many reasons to believe that there is a growing hunger for God’s truth— a Kairos event to declare God’s glory to the nations.

To continue the impact that the Live School is having in the regions listed, it was wisely and strategically decided to intentionally and progressively move from a top-down leadership structure to a team leadership structure. The WMC regional directors will work together the next 2-3 years to assume full responsibility for all WMC mission activity, including the funding needed. As a team, they will implement and see to the outworking of the WMC vision in the regions listed above and also where there are yet unreached people groups, such as India, China, and beyond.

Simultaneously, under the Holy Spirit’s direction, every regional director will begin to put together a working team, answering to the respective regional director, to assist and accelerate the implementation of the Live School. The goal is to raise up a minimum of 100,000 national missionaries to advance God’s Kingdom through the planting of churches where needed.

All WMC personnel will commit to fundraising for ministry outreach and also to increase their own family support, which at present is very inadequate. To do so calls for concerted prayer and the appeal to God’s people to invest in a ministry that has already trained close to 11,000 missionaries.

The Lord’s richest blessing,
Phil Steyne

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