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Harry P. Hebbert

Update from out Nicaragua leader:

Dear Brothers and Sisters of WMC Team, This has been a very difficult year with a lot of challenges, but also with so many opportunities. We had made plans but God was thinking something different, a plan much better than what we could have thought of. Sometimes the situation was overwhelming, but the Lord gives us the strength and grace to keep moving forward, running, walking, or crawling.


Live School in San Juan del Río Coco

Live School in Masaya

This group is not receiving classes for now, because the Church is under construction and don’t have a place to meet. They will hopefully continue classes in June.

Live School in Managua

This Church building is also under construction, but they have been receiving classes at a Church member’s house near the Church. There are 8 active students. Since the unrest in Nicaragua, the economy of our country has decreased. And now, with the Pandemic the situation worsened. Please pray for strength for the pastors, leaders, and families who are in desperate need of food. We are still waiting to have a date for our next Facilitator Training. We are hoping it will be in June or July depending on the situation. Thank you so much for your prayers, love and financial support

In February Bettie and I went to San Juan del Río Coco. It’s a remote area in the northern area of the country. We were able to have a Pastoral Orientation. There were 18 pastors from 18 Churches who seemed very interested in Live School.