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October 2020 India Letter

Message to the India Leaders, Facilitators and students – September 2020

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Cape Town in the matchless name of Jesus.

The COVID pandemic is dragging on for far too long and has certainly affected all of us in profound ways; keeping our churches from meeting; preventing family and friends from getting together like we usually do; destroying the economic reality of everyone. 

The question that is on all our minds is how to survive the pandemic and the lock-down. 

I have a few suggestions that are helping me and pray that they help you as well.

    1. We must do all we can to stay motivated and focused. The question is how you stay motivated all the time, even when things are difficult. 
    2. Take your eyes of yourself and your circumstances. Do not dwell on the bad things that are happening to you, even if it is difficult. The more you dwell on your problems the greater they will become in your mind and they will eventually overrun you.
    3. Never stop dreaming. Great ideas often come through us putting our immediate circumstance aside and seeing the possibilities around us
    4. Look beyond your circumstances and ask the Lord to help you see the future clearly. That is called Vision. Don’t just look at today or tomorrow. Look a year, two and more ahead. 
    5. Write down a few achievable goals with dates when you hope to accomplish them. Look at these goals every day. This will help you focus on the future outcomes. The Bible teaches in Habakkuk that we need to make the vision plain, write it on tablets so that everyone can see them.
    6. Keep contact with those that are dear to you, even if you cannot visit them; phone them, send them messages or use whatever means possible to keep contact. 
    7. Don’t give up on relationships – As human beings we have a built in need to relate to people. That is why the family and church are such important elements in our lives. It is also why the Bible teaches us not to forsake the gathering of believers.

    In the context of the Live School:

    1. Please keep in touch with your students.
    2. If you cannot meet, then keep watching the Live School sessions yourself and in this way get ahead of the class so you can be of better service to the students when the school re-opens.
    3. Once you are able to meet in a small group, please move forward quickly to start the Live School again. 
    4. If at all possible, try to run a second Live School in a nearby suburb or village, using the same Live School unit so we can catch up on lost time and train many more people in the shortest possible time.  

    Please know that Lydia and I are praying for you, asking the Lord to continue to protect you and if you are not feeling well to heal you.

    Many blessings

    Willie & Lydia Crew

    Please click on Youtube link below to hear a very encouraging video from World Mission Centre Founder Willie Crew