Flight of the Butterflies

Be a part of this movement designed to create disciples of Christ among the least reached nations of the world. Like a butterfly flying with velocity, across great distances, and pollinating every flower it touches, it’s our prayer that believers would mimic them to spread the gospel wherever they go.

We are convinced that Live School is the ideal tool with a reputation for planting churches that last. Using this cross-culturally effective tool, with a focus on in-country discipleship over 6-18 months, we want to see one million missionaries raised up across the world by 2030. We are trusting God for radical acceleration, because now is the time. The harvest is plentiful and there is an urgent need for us as Christians to take the initiative.

If this vision touches your heart, join us. Be a part of the movement.

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It’s so exciting to see that the tool is finally getting into people’s hands. I can see that it is going to spread all over Central America.

A video-based curriculum, integrated especially for the church-planting, multiplication, and leadership training program. It fits exactly in our rural setting where the churches are expanding.

70% of our graduates have gone into the rural areas to plant churches.

A big task for all churches is how to mobilize people for ministry. Live School is a very good solution for that.


Missionary to Guatemala


Pastor in India


Pastor in Zambia


Pastor in Kazakhstan

There are a number of things to take note of that you need to decide on before you start the Live School program. They are as follows:


Before you watch

1) The school can be done “fulltime” or “part time”

    1. In a fulltime school you will need to go through three sessions of teaching a day, taking 18 weeks to complete.
    2. In a parttime school you will need 18 months. You can decide how to fit in the curriculum over this period.
    3. The preferred way to run the school is to gather a group of family and friends together to join in. In this way you will help to train many more people to reach the lost. However, you are welcome to go through the curriculum on your own, especially if you live in a hostile or restricted country.
      1. If you have a group, please ask each of them to register on the Live School portal so we can verify their progress.
      2. It is best to have a set time for Live School so that everyone has it in their schedule.
    4. Another way to do it is to have your group watch video sessions individually, at their own pace and then discuss them together.


As you watch

2) Once you have your group together, have a time of prayer and then show/watch the next video. (It is important to watch the courses and sessions in the sequence that it is presented on your thumb drive because the Live School courses build from principle to principle, which greatly contributes to the development of the student).

    1. While watching the video session, take notes on what stands out to you.
    2. Once the video session is completed, take some time to discuss and reflect on what each one has learned. Encourage everyone to add any points they may have missed to their notes.
    3. Once you go home, using your notes, write a reflection page, preferably in the form of a sermon. (In bullet points/outline)
    4. Then, upload your one-page notes onto your portal on our website. You can take a photo to upload. So, no need to scan it.
    5. Keep your one-page notes in a file for future reference and use.
    6. Continue with this process until you have completed the course


Once you are done with all the Live School sessions

3) A Live School certificate of completion is issued once these three requirements are met:

    1. You have gone through the entire curriculum (242 hours).
    2. You have uploaded 242 one-page notes onto your portal.
    3. You have applied for your certificate by going onto our website and clicked on the “Application for Certificate of completion.”

4) If you intend to further your studies at the South African Theological Seminary (SATS) or The Theological Institute of Argentina (FIET), you can apply for a transcript by going onto our website and clicking on the “Application for a Transcript”

5) If you want to apply for the Re-Forma Certificate issued by Re-forma and the World Evangelical Alliance, you need to ensure that you have completed the final part of the curriculum.

    1. It is in a notebook format at the end of the Live School curriculum.
    2. You need to register for the Marriage course online. See the notes in the notebook for these details.

Once you have uploaded the required one-page notes, you can apply by going to our website and clicking on the “Application for the Re-forma certificate.”


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Live School Curriculum


Live School is a comprehensive and portable missions training and discipleship program. It consists of 27 courses made up of 242 one-hour video sessions that seeks to train indigenous and local believers around the world as national missionaries who can plant sustainable churches and bring the Gospel to their own and neighboring people groups.

Take a look at our first 3 Live School sessions! Find out if Live School is for you, without registering.

Higher Education Opportunities

Live School is Available In


For difficult areas with little or no access to computers, the units go where many people cannot to empower those who need it the most.


For easy access and portability, download all of Live School compressed on a 32 gigabyte thumbdrive or SD card.


For easy access and portability, download all of Live School compressed on a 32 gigabyte thumbdrive or SD card.


For difficult areas with little or no access to computers, the units go where many people cannot to empower those who need it the most.

Pay it Forward

Empower others with a gospel-spreading leadership curriculum.