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Road of Faith

We hope that you are doing well.  Here in the States it is a “new year” as the new school year started last week.  Life is “back to normal” again. We have so much to share.

Firstly, just to wrap up the South Africa trip, Chloe is 100% well and praise God for that.  Other great news is that the insurance refunded us what we paid to change our tickets when Chloe was not well enough to travel back.  It was a lot of money and we thank God for providing in this way. We are waiting to hear from another insurance company concerning medical expenses we claimed.  All we can say is that God’s grace has been sufficient for us through all of that. A special “thank you” to Ebony, Ron, Lorraine, Corne & Mari who were so supportive with the practical challenges during this time.


While still in South Africa I started working on my next trip, to Cuba.  God willing, I leave on Monday to a new province in Cuba. We plan to meet with key church leaders who are the oversight of around 30 churches.  Our goal is to introduce Live School to them. The plan is that one of our Cuba brothers will return to train facilitators. Please can I ask that you pray for us on this trip.  For God’s protection, favor and good fruit on the trip.   I’m also working on trips to Guyana and North Africa and would appreciate your prayers.  

I’d like to share a spontaneous message one of our Cuba coordinators sent me.  He wrote, “One more thing, every time when I visit any school they always want to express their gratitude for learning a lot about the Bible. Believe me, a bunch of pastors didn’t know even the half they have learnt since the got these devices. And weep and ask forgiveness from God because they were preaching a “Half Gospel.” I give thanks to God for being a tool in His hands. I want to keep on being useful in this work. Thank you brother.”


All is well with the family.  Lere is working hard and getting more and more focused on the barn.  (Read more about that below) She felt the Lord challenging her to make changes to the way she operates.  Tayla moved into a little house with 2 other girls. It is walking distance from the University of South Carolina where she is now majoring in Aerospace Engineering.  Celine started her matric year and university applications. She got a part time job and is playing tennis for her school team again. Chloe is very happy with her teachers and started her last year of middle school, 8th grade.  She was very excited about the fact that her braces came off the day before school started. We are very blessed by our children and continue to pray and trust that they will serve God all the days of their lives. Also that He would use them to impact many lives for His sake.

God has us on an amazing road of faith, where we are being stretched way beyond where we are comfortable.  I think the bible is quite clear that He does this and is pleased by our faith.  Please pray and trust with us for God’s continued blessing, favor and provision.  

Thanks again for all your prayers, especially when Chloe and Tayla fell ill.  God bless you and keep you.

Eddie and Lere and kids