Greetings From India!

INDIA A good friend from South Africa, Pastor Ivor Temlett, and I are busy with meetings in India to arrange the launch of the Hindi Translation of the Live School later this year. This meeting was arranged by the India Christian Media Association (ICMA). We’ve had...

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Live School in Latin America

Toward the end of last year, we launched the Spanish version of the Live School. The launch took place at the SETECA (Central American Theological Seminary) campus in Guatemala. Since then, a team from the USA, Jim Hartman, Bucky Drake, William Crew Jr. – Who is our...

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El Salvador Rises

It wasn’t until we stood on the top of a mountain several days into the trip that we saw the first white person in El Salvador besides those on our team. People don’t travel to El Salvador for tourism or business. It’s not really advised.

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The Simplicity of a Child

Luke 18:16 reveals the LORD Jesus’ response to children: When “the disciples…shooed [children] off. Jesus called them back. “Let these children alone. Don’t get between them and me. These children are the kingdom’s pride and joy. Mark this: UNLESS YOU ACCEPT GOD’S...

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Cuba is a fascinating country with a hard but hopeful history. It's a land stuck between the third and first world, between 1950s'-style suburbs and concrete apartment buildings, between European streetscapes and two aisle grocery stores with only hot dogs in the meat...

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Behold, the harvest!

Behold, it is a new day. It's harvest time! Therefore, it's time to pull the combines out of the barn - out of the four walls of the church - and get them into the field!  2016 was a time of revealing and healing. Let 2017 be the time to reap and keep the harvest!...

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Get Involved


We are looking for churches, organizations, and individuals who will partner with us as we seek to train one million missionaries around the world.


Become a part of our international prayer team and join in interceding for God’s kingdom.


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