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Ten Days in Argentina

Although we worked hard, the 10 days in Argentina were exhilarating to say the least. The days were filled with meeting pastors at their fraternal meetings, speaking at churches and discussing future plans. We spent a good number of hours driving more than 1300km.
The journey took us to four cities – Buenos Aires, Rosario, Mar de Plata and La Plata. Our days started early and finished late and most meetings ended with typical Argentine cuisine of meat, more meat and maybe a salad, bread and pastries.

I was privileged to be hosted by two families. The one was a veteran business executive, Steven Crowell whose wife was away visiting their children in the USA. During the brief times, we spent together, mostly in the evenings, I was able to glean from his years of experience and wisdom. The other was the South African military attaché, Doric and his dear wife Karin who have become more than acquaintances. Their love for the Lord is contagious.

Werner and Adel Swart received a call from the Lord to work in Argentina back in 1995. They both attended one of our Missionary Apprentice Programs in South Africa, (MAP) graduating in 1997. Since then, they have spent most of the time working in South America. One of their five lovely children were born in Argentina. They are both anointed speakers and ministers of the Word and are filled with passion to see the continent become a player in world missions. They are also the pastors of the International Bible Church in Buenos Aires.

They did a sterling job to put together the 10-day schedule. Apart from their love for the Lord and their family, it was a blessing to witness the favor they have from pastors and fraternal leaders in the country. (Go to the “give”page on our website: www.worldmissioncentre.com and click on either South America or Werner and Adel Swart, if you would like to support them.) Please note there is a special place for anyone that wants to give from a South African account)

It was amazing to see the Lord of the harvest, brood over the nation – I look forward to seeing the results.
Argentina had a huge revival back in the 80’s and 90’s. I was privileged to visit and minister in churches during those dramatic years. But unlike Brazil, that has become one of the large mission sending nations in the world, the revival in Argentina did not result in any major mission sending. Something that one would have expected would happen.

However, in the last 10 days, I began to see something different. Some of the churches we visited, were passionate about missions. One of them had flags of many countries mounted on the church walls. The pastor told me that they are praying for each one of these countries and plan to send missionaries to some.  Needless to say, Werner and Adel have a lot to follow up.

The objective of my trip was to help give Werner and Adel a greater understanding of how the Live School works and how to introduce it to pastors and their churches so they can use it to train their members as workers to help gather in the harvest in their cities, country and further afield.

The following is a brief summary of the initial outcome of our trip:

  • Kilometers traveled – 1300
  • Cities visited – 4
  • Church services spoken at – 7
  • Pastors attending meetings – 130
  • Fraternals visited – 5
  • Potential Live Schools that will start – 30
  • Potential team members to help Werner and Adel – 4
  • Facilitators training seminars that will be held in November – 3
  • Immediate doors opened by pastors to other countries – Brazil, Colombia and Uruguay
  • Special places where Live School maybe started – prisons and an under-privileged area called La Cava. (La Cava is a place where many poor people live, but I was so blessed by the passion that the people of the church we visited have for Jesus)
Please pray:

  • That the Lord will give Werner and Adel the wisdom to use their time wisely between running the church, rolling out the Live School and their family.
  • That the Lord will help them to put together a quality team to help with the process.
  • That all the resources will be released for them to be able to meet the challenge.
  • That the Lord will open the doors in His good timing to the other South American countries.

THANK YOU for carrying us in prayer during this epic journey. Flying home, I can say, I am tired but super excited. The Lord is doing an amazing work in the earth today.