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The Gateway

We left Nairobi for Mombasa on October 10, 2020 with an objective to ascertain the status of the Church and its future as well as our work in the region. Mombasa is a key gateway to the East African coast and the Indian Ocean Isles where the Gospel is yet to penetrate. Thus, we spent October 11 scouting the city and going through to the Fort Jesus which is one of the crucial entry points and served both the Sultans and the Portuguese in precolonial era. Through our strategy meeting, the need to mobilize the church on the mainland to reach the Isles became evident, spurred by the growth of other faiths in the area and the proximity of the church to the Unreached. In comparison to other parts of the country with a higher population of Least Reached Peoples, Mombasa is fairly accommodative and although there have been terror activities in the past, there has not been a targeted attack on Christians.

From Mombasa we went through Mwatate to Godoma, a small distant village on the foothills of Vuria mountains (the highest peak in the Coastal Region).  With Covid 19, a number of our partners had been greatly impacted and we wanted to connect and encourage both the pastor and the Live School facilitator who also doubles up as the head teacher of a high school in the same village. The meeting with the pastor and his family was a real encouragement of obedience and faithfulness to God. He had an unspeakable joy sharing about God’s goodness with us.

While Covid 19 had affected a number of churches in the area to the point that they were unable to resume meetings even after the government revised the previously set restrictions and control measures, God had in this period allowed them to push on with their church building project and had recommenced gatherings in observance of the new policies and directives issued by the government. 

He was the first pastor in the area to host a Live School in the area. He attested to its positive impact and change on the trainees’ attitude to service and ministry as well as character development. The church now has labourers who can guide others to go on outreach while the facilitator admitted gaining knowledge that has greatly helped her to serve better and develop confidence in preaching the Word of God. The curriculum further influenced their way of prayer and they have seen many unbelievers drawn to Christ.

We had a meeting with another pastor who hosts a Live School in Mwatate from whose interaction, it was clear that we need additional centres in Mwatate which is growing to be the county headquarters for Taita. There are however many areas in Mombasa that Live School must penetrate in partnership with the local church. While we focus on Live School roll out in the Coastal Region, we intend to start a leader’s missions training that will in turn lead the mobilization process in the local churches in Mombasa, Voi and Mwatate. 

October further saw us start our online footprint for the purpose of sharing our work in Eastern Africa with a wider audience. Our Social handles are: @wmcea on Instagram and World Mission Centre Eastern Africa on Facebook. Kindly remember us in your prayers especially for matters mentioned here-above. We also invite you to like and share our social handles and newsletter with your family and friends.