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The Gospel and a Beating

They have spent their lives in a little coastal town as long as they have been married, and God gave them the heart to train in missions for their neighbors. The majority of their neighbors are Muslims with varying degrees of intolerance to the gospel and Christianity. They started a little Church in their village, and they also launched a remote mission training.

It is out of this background that the pastor led one of the Muslims from a village close by to the Lord. However, he kept his conversion a secret.  As fate would have it, this Muslim became the village headman, and it wasn’t long before a team of believers visited the village against the suspicion that he may have been converted.

The villagers, in anger, turned against the visitors, but the headman could not let them reign in on the visitors. In a great rage, they turned against the headman and beat him almost to death. Three days later he died. The danger, pain, and risk of ministry in that area are real to the missionaries there. The risk is further compounded by terror elements who filter in from the neighboring countries. In spite of all this, the pastor declares that God continues to grant grace as they reach close to 200 Muslim children in school. This has influenced some of the Muslim parents from select unreached people groups to warm up to Christianity. Now, others have given their lives and have become part of a Church where it is relatively safe for them.

The anti-Christian attitude and aggression in some of the countries are very real, and those working in those areas understand that it is the gospel and a beating.