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The Lord Moves in West Africa

It is hard to believe that we are almost in the middle of October.  To put that into perspective, there are only 11 weeks to Christmas.

Allow me first of all to thank everyone for your faithful prayer support, the kind messages you send in response to our News Bullets and your financial support.  It means a lot to Lydia and myself to know that there are people who are prepared to take the time to read all that the Lord is doing in our lives and that of our dedicated team around the world.

In the past month we have seen great Kingdom Impact in many parts of the world. Only eternity will reveal the story of all that the Lord has done through the thousands of people that have been trained through Live School. There are now over 10,000 of them!

I have never seen such openness to the things of the Lord in all my 33 years of ministry.  It seems as if we are truly seeing the End Time Harvest coming in! THANK YOU LORD!

I was in the country of Benin this past week. Yesterday, I heard a testimony from a pastor that recently started a Live School in the far north of the country. (They are about 40% through the curriculum). He has six students in the school. During the course on Intercession, one of the students saw a vision; in the vision he saw a person in serious bondage behind a large steel gate. The pastor and students decided to find the village. They walked for about 30Km. Passing a number of villages, the student eventually recognized the village that he saw in the vision. Once there they looked all over village for the gate but could not find it. They shared the vision with an old man that they found walking in the village. He promptly told them that is was his son is in bondage. He told them that some people in the area were jealous of his son’s achievements and had a witch doctor put a curse on him. Ever since then, spirits has tormented him. (Such things really do exist in the animist world) The old man took the pastor and students to his son. They shared the Gospel with him and then prayed for his deliverance. He was immediately set free from the demonic attacks.  The old man and his family came to a saving knowledge of Jesus and soon more than 30 people in the village came to the Lord. People from two other villages heard what happened and they too came to the Lord. A local church, training six of their members using the Live School has started three churches in the three villages. Stories like these are omnipresent in the world of Live School. !!