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The Mikhailovka Story

2015  has  been  an  interesting  year  for  the  people in the  CIS.  The  war  in  Ukraine has reached a climax, the sanctions again Russia have intensified, the BRICS alliance has taken another move towards reaching their goals, and Russia’s ongoing “relationship” with the USA and the West has taken a turn for the worse.  However, on a spiritual level, God has done much.

70 Live School units have been taken into the region and 32 schools have started. In total there are 308 schools that have started and there are a total of 393 units in the field, including those that have started and those who still need to start.

In  2014  we  started  a  church  mobilization  project  in  MinVody,  Southern  Russia,  giving  opportunity  for  local leaders to share their  Mission Vision and church planting goals. In 2015 we had a second meeting of that kind with  great  success.