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The One Year for Jesus Story

At first, back in 2011, Bishop Alexey Rudenkey, the leader of hundreds of churches, did not want to buy into the vision of the Live School ministry. Thinking I was wasting my time, I tried to distance myself in my friendship with him. However, every year I was lead by the Lord to revisit him, and that strengthened our friendship year by year.  About three years ago myself and Pastor Anatoli talked about the “One Year for Jesus” evangelism teams. Specifically, their challenges of discipling the people they reached from town to town after they left to go to another city! 

At that moment a vision was born of a partnership between them and the Live School ministry! It only could work if the highest authorities would give their consent to do something like that!  We prayed and tried for two years to get an appointment with Pastor Eduard Grabovenko, the president of the Pentecostal Union of Churches.  Within minutes of Pastor Willie Crew sharing the vision with him, he agreed to the partnership!  It immediately gave the “One Year for Jesus” ministry access to the training of their students in the Live School curriculum, and it also placed them in a position to help us plant the schools and do aftercare with facilitators in areas we cannot easily reach. To God be the glory for the good things He has done and the greater things that are yet to come!