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The Story Behind Evelyn

Evelyn testified how she prayed for a Muslim lady who did not have children because of many miscarriages. God did a miracle and broke the curse over the family.

She also tells us the story of how the Lord used her to bring healing to her Muslim friend’s terminally ill baby. God is good!

However, Evelyn’s story did not start here.

As a young lady, she found a job in the Middle East. She quickly became completely desponded about the reality of working in the Middle East. She’s been a born again Christian for a long time, but with no purpose or direction.

The Lord led her to Pastor James (a World Mission Centre partner). His words to her were:

“The Lord has placed you in the Middle East to be a missionary!!”.

He started helping Evelyn doing Live School.

Today, Evelyn cannot stop talking about how the Lord changed her life through Live School.

God healed her from all her frustration and emotional struggles. She testifies how, through Live School teachings, God gave her absolute purpose.

Evelyn goes on to share how Live School empowered her to know how to approach and witness to Muslims. Twice a week they take it to the streets and reach out to the Muslims around them.

Evelyn went from a falling around Christian to a praying woman with a powerful ministry reaching into the darkest places.

All glory to Jesus, because it is He who orchestrates and divinely aligns people like Pastor James, Evelyn, and LiveSchool to build His Kingdom.