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The Story Behind Sally

Sally was a depressed and frustrated person at the end of herself. She had a three-month-old baby, and her Muslim husband was looking to get another wife alongside her.

She cried out to God for three days: “If there is a God above, please show yourself to me.”

She testifies:

“At 3 am I was sleeping with my baby. A man was standing next to my bed. It was not my husband because He dressed differently. His face was shining  –  I only saw up to His waste. It was Jesus! From that day onwards, the depression was gone. I had peace.”

She became a Christian and started reading through the Bible. Her husband divorced her, and she lost custody of her children because of her new found faith. But Jesus is worth the sacrifice!

Then, Sally got introduced to Live School. At first, Sally explains that Satan heavily attacked her. She testifies how Live School helped her to deal with these attacks.

She said:

“Live School taught me how to understand the Bible. Live School also helped me to resist the attacks from the devil. It helped me to stand on the ground and live by faith. The divine plumb line brought tremendous healing. The Lord used Live School to change my life.”

Sally told us that she believes the Lord called her to be a missionary. That is her aim, to tell her countrymen and women about His peace, grace, and life.