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A Letter From Willie #1


There is no doubt that our country is in deep trouble and in need of much prayer!

We all celebrate the many prayer initiatives that are taking place from various quarters across the country, but one can only imagine the impact if all these initiatives decided to come together for a concentrated time of prayer.

We recently watched a video from Jonathan Cahn called “The Return” in which he is calling people across the USA to come together for a time of repentance and prayer in September of this year. We were deeply impacted by it. In the video, Jonathan says that if anyone watches the video from another country, they may want to own “The Return” for their country too, and this is what this letter is about.

In the last few weeks, pastors from widely differing backgrounds and intercession ministries decided to combine efforts to rally a massive prayer response across the nation, as a result of a common unifying call to repentance and prayer for revival. In a Zoom meeting, the question was asked if we should consider doing a “The Return” in South Africa”. The response was overwhelming yes. 

We felt that the Lockdown creates the perfect scenario to have an hour and a half of national prayer that is relayed via YouTube and Facebook Live to the homes/workplaces of believers where families or individuals can gather together to stand in prayer and agreement across the country. It is a groundswell movement where pastors, leaders and individual members of the Body of Christ go out of their way to invite members, family, friends and cell groups and more to join in “The Return South Africa.” 

We are responding to what we believe is a Kingdom Call to repentance and prayer for such a time as this. Revival is in the air and we’re inviting everyone to join us for this one-off event.

We felt that it is imperative that “The Return South Africa” must be an open invitation to all churches and ministries from all backgrounds to participate.

Around twenty to thirty leaders from across the country will meet for one and a half hours on a highly focussed Zoom prayer meeting. The Zoom meeting will simultaneously be broadcast on YouTube and Facebook Live, so that anyone across the country, or anywhere in the world, can join us in an hour and a half of prayer. 

We would like to ask you to join the action and participate to get at least one hundred cities and towns involved and have hundreds of thousands of people to pray together during “The Return South Africa.” This can only happen if we all come together and sound a trumpet call and get our people, members, family and friends to join in on YouTube and Facebook Live. We want to challenge you to personally phone 50 of your contacts and tell them about The Return South Africa. Then challenge them, in turn, to call 50 people in their circle of influence and invite them to join The Return South Africa right in their home or place of work.


William & Lydia Crew