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Update from Guyana

Just a short update from a hot and humid Guyana.  Chuck and I arrived safely on Monday night after 17 hours travel.  The next day we started meeting with church leaders.  Two of them, after hearing and understanding how it works, asked to start schools.  Then we met with a pastor of what I would describe as the leading missions church in Guyana.  He has an annual conference with hundreds attending, many from other nations.

After some discussion with him and his leadership, he suggested that we start 20 schools in his church!  He has 20 cell groups spread out all over the area and he believes that it will be highly beneficial to the church to train his key leaders and members.  We were totally blown away by their response and they asked to start as early as November.

They also agreed to cover half of the cost of the units and facilitator training. Training so many facilitators at one time lowers the cost tremendously.  Please pray and trust with us for at least $5000 needed within the next few weeks so we can acquire units and travel back to Guyana to train his 20 facilitators.

We started training Natasha today so she can also help train facilitators. Unfortunately Pastor Ghanie fell ill and could not join us.