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What do you think?

This simple question is not new to most of us and often with a ready answer, but for me,  this was a rare occasion and I was short of an answer. Pastor George from the deep heart of Southern part of Kenya posed that question. Rain fell in heavy torrents the entire night and by that morning, there was no relenting. Pastor George and their people were dying to have some semblance of an institution to equip Gospel Ministers in this area with a vision to raise local ministers.

He had called me to find out what my thoughts were about the meeting with the Pastors about the Live School training and I told him I would get back to him. As the phone dropped, I looked outside and it was pouring heavily. A part of me fell for the trick of another day, but inside I felt the urge to proceed.

I made sure that all my equipment was neatly packaged and water proofed. Taking a change of clothing, I hit the road hitching a ride on a motorbike. We were close to two hours in the rain before arriving at Pastor George’s place drenching wet. I quickly changed into other clothes and shoes in place of gumboots.

Getting to the meeting, I realized that it would have been the worst catastrophe for me to pull a cap on the process due to the rains. It was a quality meeting, but I was more amazed when the senior chief told me that we should plan another meeting with all stakeholders. He was prepared to pull together another 50 people, about, a good number of them local administrators to talk about ministry in future generations. The group is now working towards starting a new Live School Centre, which for them is the closest thing to a Bible School to ever be in the area, a fact for which they are very excited. I am glad it did not have to be what I was thinking, but instead what He planned. It is unto Him.

FOCUS Sahara Leaders Centre

The Lord had challenged me to take on the task of starting a Live School in the central business district of Nairobi. On the 16th of April, FOCUS Sahara Leaders Centre opened its doors with a group of 10 students at the capital with one of my core team members as a co-facilitator. FOCUS is an acronym for Facilitating On-going Churches in Unreached Stations. The first month has been most rewarding, but we are appealing for people that are willing to invest in sponsoring this training and some of the students who are unable to pay their fees. The class will graduate on the 15th of December 2018 in Nairobi.

New Home and Office

After the sudden order to vacate without notice, God opened a door for us and we managed to get a far better housing and office space in a secure complex. We are very grateful for this;  although pricey than the previous one, but with all things considered, it is the ideal area as it is also close to the Airport.

Growing Team

With the assignment that God has given us in the region, it is clear that not one person can do it and God has faithfully added to the group 3 people. Rev Lawrence Omondi, with whom we are working to open up the Coastal part of Kenya as a gateway to Isles of the Indian Ocean, Winnie Ochieng, a lady with multiple gifting and serves as an administrator among other things and Magdalyne Malkia who is the office assistant.


After frustrating trips back and forth the Immigration Office for my renewal passport together with our two children, all three passports were finally approved and issued and glory to God.

We are adjusting well in our new place with kids having found a new School right within the complex and only two minutes away from the house. They growing fast and teaching us so much about the father-heart of God as we watch them at this stage.