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Where the "Road Ends" and the Amazon Starts

Much of Guyana, South America is part of the Amazon. Right where the “road ends” and the Amazon starts, on the southern coast lives a pastor of a church, Ps Ghanie. He is a good natured man and his wife cooks the best Chinese food for miles around. We met Ps Ghanie through a senior leader whom we encountered in Trinidad. Ps Ghanie hosted a facilitator training session for around 6 churches and started his own school too. Recently he wrote this report. “We want to at least do two trips (outreaches) before mid year, some of the folks (students) however had trips with other teams apart from our team. They are all active in Cell Groups, I have spread them out in twelve Cells. Please keep praying for us. God bless” Ps Ghanie has 20 students in training.