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A Letter From Willie #2 – Update!


Greetings from a very cold Paarl.

I NEED YOU PERSONAL ASSISTANCE PLEASE – to be part of a team of 70 champions to help mobilize South Africa to prayer?

We are 26 days away from The Return South Africa, which is a day that may very well change the destiny of our nation and 18 days away from a Ten-Day Prayer focus. (A link to this prayer guide is available in the attached letter)

In the last few weeks, The Return has gained significant momentum. We have pastors and ministry leaders with their congregations right across the nation committing to be a part of the ONE & A HALF HOURS of Repentance and Prayer on 26 September from 3:00pm – 4:30pm.

The prayer meeting will be led by pastors and leaders on a Zoom meeting that will be broadcast on YouTube and Facebook Live so that people across the nation can participate in unity from their homes.

Facebook Live Link                  YouTube Stream Link

The following is a link to The Return South Africa Video that Pastor’s and Church Leaders can use in their church service or on their Zoom and Social Media broadcasts. And obviously you can also send it to those you interact with. https://youtu.be/9GuUB03o9z0

The Lockdown is an ideal opportunity for families to gather together and cry out to the Lord on behalf of our nation that is in desperate need of a God-given revival. (I am sure you will agree with me that South Africa is on the edge of a cliff – we need to, in unity come to the Lord for His intervention).

Although we have gained much momentum, WE CANNOT AFFORD to relax now. We need every Christian in South Africa to join in The Return.

For this reason, I am writing to ask your personal help to make every pastor that you know, aware of the event and to invite them to not only to participate, but to also have members of their congregations and friends join in. You know as well as I do that this will only happen in relationship!

(Please consider asking someone on your team to follow through on this urgent request if time does not allow you to personally do it).

We need every congregation member to join in this mammoth effort to reach out to family and friends across the nation to also join in.

In the next few weeks, I will send you vital information that you need to please pass onto those you are engaging. (Graham Power said the other day that it takes at least 4 – 5 reminders for people to take note of an event. This is because there are so many Social Media posts that come across our desks).

The first thing is for you and those you speak to, to register at this link. Register Today! This will enable us to communicate important information in the coming days.

Secondly, also ask them to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram!

And point them to www.thereturnsa.org website where they can get updated information.

Looking forward to working alongside you.