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Willie Reports From Benin

During my trip I had the privilege to spend time with my dear friend and colleague, Chip Carroll, who oversees the West Africa region. Chip gathered the men from nine West African countries that are helping him roll out the Live School in the region. What a blessing to listen to their zeal for the Kingdom in the face of serious opposition such as the Ebola break-out that greatly affected our work and also the threats of Boko Haram and others like them who operate in the region. One of the brothers spoke with great passion; “I am not interested in impact, I am only interested in maximum impact” Together with Chip, the team has ministered to more than 3800 pastors this year. They have trained 1397 potential facilitators and have started 157 Live Schools with 1741 students attending. All indications are that they will start another 82 schools by the end of December.

After the leaders meeting we drove three hours north to a small town to the town called Setto, where we ministered at the 46th national convention of the Four Square church. There were well over a thousand people in attendance. We met 34km outside the town in a rural part of the country. There are no buildings on the property yet, so the meeting was held under some makeshift tarpaulins. What a blessing. The worship was awesome and the openness to the word of God remarkable. The result of our meetings is that a further 18 schools will start by the end of the year. There were 69 people that asked to be trained to plant churches in unreached villages.

On the other side of the world, we have just taken another 40 Live Schools to Russia. There is a HUGE openness in this part of the world.

On the technical side we are moving forward in an unusual way as well.  Following are a few of the highlights from our media office:

  • The conversion to new technology is completed – this was a major task that took almost 3800 hours to complete.
  • The Portuguese translation will be completed by February 2016. (We are currently dubbing 33 hours of the courses that Dr. Phil Steyne teaches in the Live School).
  • The Spanish Translation is also moving along fast and should be completed in early 2016.
  • We have in faith just placed an order for another 750 Live School units. They will be delivered in December this year. All indications are that we will need all of them and maybe more in 2016.

Can I ask you to please pray for the following:

  • For the West Africa co-ordinators as they roll out another 82 Schools before the end of the year.
  • For the churches that will start 40 more schools in the south of Russia.
  • For the successful completion of the Portuguese and Spanish translations.
  • That the 750 Live School units will arrive safely in South Africa.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Many blessings
Willie & Lydia