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How can I be a witness when my workplace restricts me from sharing my faith?

July 28, 2022

It is true that some workplace situations have restrictions on employees sharing their faith when they are on the job.

I know this because I once had a boss who restricted me from witnessing at work. Actually, his problem with me was not my faith. The problem was that I was talking to a coworker while that coworker was working.

In other words, I was distracting another employee, his employee, a person he was paying to give full attention to their work.  Truth be told, that employer had every right to reign in employee conversation out of  his concern for it slowing our productivity.

Whatever the reason you might be restricted from sharing your faith by speaking, there is fortunately more to being a good witness than using words. The fruit of the Spirit for every believer is love, joy, peace, gentleness, goodness, kindness, longsuffering, patience, and self-control. (Gal. 5:22-23) The workplace is a great place to show off these beautiful character qualities.

Without  saying a word, the fragrance of Christ with which you can walk is enough to be an excellent witness for Christ.

Purity of speech, consideration of others, caring responses, controlled anger, a teachable spirit, such graces as these are evidence of the Spirit in your life and they will not go unnoticed.

If you have a personal workspace, you may be able to put an attractive Bible verse up that might catch a coworker’s eye.

How about bowing your head in prayer of thanks where you eat and others are present? That would single you out from associates who do not follow suit.

You may like to wear a Christian witness pin, such as a cross, dove or fish.

Get to know your coworkers well, then you can send a card to them when they are sick, experience death in their family, or have a religious holiday of their own. They’ll appreciate you, and it can open up deeper relationships and spiritual conversations outside the workplace.

Be a creative witness, look for ways to touch others’ lives with encouragement.

Be willing to be a good listener when coworkers talk to you. People love to be heard!

You see, in some ways, you need to win people to you before you can win them to Christ.

Your coworkers may not read the gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke or John, but they will read the gospel by what they see in you.

The Lord Jesus took on flesh so you could know what God is like.  Today he wants to show the people in your life what he, Christ, is like.  As you grow spiritually and give control to the indwelling Spirit of God, Christ through your flesh makes himself known to others.

So, whether you are at your workplace, in your home, on the street, or wherever you are, be under the Spirit’s control and, though you may not have opportunity to say a word, you can still be an effective witness.

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