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Previously part of the Former Soviet Union

As I entered the country, I was told that what we intent to do is not legal. For the next few days we would be visiting new church plants, meeting some of the students in one of the Live Schools, minister at a Missions Conference with 180 delegates and spend quality time with church leadership in this town. Because of security in this nation, we will not mention the name of the nation neither any names of any pastors.

The one school have graduated 96 students and have started yet another intake with more than 30 students. These graduates serve in other small local churches in different regions in the country. One of these graduates left to serve in Africa. This nation is also home to two more Live Schools which bring the Live School student number to 157. Remarkable if you really understand the situation in the country.

3 new church plants have been registered. Some of the graduates, whom have left to work in the mission field full time, have sold apartments, cars and or businesses to serve in these villages with the hope of starting a new church there. Some of them are serving in already established churches in different regions in this nation.

Even more amazing is the ripple effect Live School has in this nation. Although there is a mission-training institute in the capital, very few actually leave to serve in the mission field. When some of the other churches and Bishops saw the results of Live School, they started to ask questions. As a result of this, I will be going to this nation in a few weeks for ongoing ministry and partnership meetings.