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We believe in making disciples of Jesus who will disciple others.

The Live School places a high value on discipleship to ensure that the student becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ rather than just a follower of His teachings. It does not assume that each student understands the biblical principles of discipleship or even knows the Lord. With this in mind, the curriculum includes clear biblical teaching sin, salvation, forgiveness, and the Bible.

The One Another Principle – In Live School fellowship, respect, and servanthood are priorities. Due to the personal nature of the classes, an environment results in which students are comfortable sharing experiences and emotions and asking questions, all under the guidance of the school’s facilitator. Times of corporate prayer and intercession are an integral part of the training as well.

One-on-One Counseling – People who are whole can minister more effectively, and therefore, the school staff spends a large amount of time in helping students deal with any areas of unforgiveness, bitterness and resentment in their lives. In smaller schools up to 10 students, the facilitator disciples all the students. If a school is too large for one person to manage effectively, the students are grouped into smaller ‘flocks,’ each having its own flock leader. These flock leaders, often Live School graduates themselves, are chosen by the facilitator in consultation with church leadership and are under the direct supervision of the facilitator.

Discipled by Jesus Alone – Students are given time alone to pray and read the Scriptures, learning to hear the voice of God for themselves in order to follow Jesus well, make wise decisions and apply the Word to their lives. Mandatory Scripture memorization teaches them the value of knowing and confessing the Word of God. Living by faith and trusting the Lord to meet their spiritual, physical and material needs is a daily and very real exercise.


Zambia – In 2000, Zambian Felix Mumbi arrived in Pretoria for training in the first Live School. During his time there, he was discipled by his flock leader and was soon asked to minister to and disciple his fellow students. On the outreach to Uganda, Felix was appointed team leader and he made a lasting impact on his teammates and the local leaders. Since completing his Live School training, Felix has facilitated three Live Schools in South Africa, Botswana and Zambia. In each of these he has discipled and trained dozens of men and women in the Word and in their relationship with God and those students are now disciplining others. The impact on others is exponential.

The Bushmen, Botswana– Julie Teo, a former insurance agent from Singapore, was sent by her church in 2000 to the first Live School to be trained for the mission field. Though reserved, she soon flourished under the discipleship of her Live School flock leader. During the outreach phase, Julie and a team were sent to the arid semi-desert of Botswana to work amongst the Bushmen. Several of the Bushmen became believers and Julie spent five years among them, building relationships and discipling many of them. One new believer she discipled was Osupeng, a former witchdoctor. When Julie left, she was able to leave the ministry in reliable, capable hands because she had discipled many leaders who are still discipling others today.