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We believe in redeeming communities by the power of the Gospel.

The Live School is a hands-on training program, combining the spiritual with the practical and training students to participate in making the community where they live and minister a better place. Live School includes courses on Community Development, Starting a Food Garden, Community Health, and Starting a Business. The curriculum provides students with an understanding of the basic issues in health and nutrition, economic development, water development and conservation, and agriculture.

As often happens, when those in a community teach and communicate with each other, they end up working together. Because Live School students are equipped to discuss needs and community issues, they can become a part of this process, bringing a community’s focus to bear on an area or issue that affects the entire community. They are especially prepared to be sensitive to the needy, those who have been marginalized by society.

Due to their unique training, Live School students can not only implement new business, health, and agricultural change, but also teach the community how to do these things themselves. In this way, the students help the members of a community work together on various projects, bringing about change in the social and economic structure of the local society.


Lubango, Angola – Two graduates of the Lubango Live School spent several years ministering to and living amongst the Kwando people in Southern Angola. They lived in small tents outside the village, befriended the people, shared the Gospel, and, eventually, lead many to the Lord and started a small church. However, they soon realized that the Kwando people did not have clean, fresh water. The missionaries recruited the help of a South African church and partnered with local authorities to install a solar-powered pump, a water purification system, and water reservoirs. Hundreds of Kwando people now have clean running water for the first time in their lives. Not only have Live School students transformed the quality of people’s lives, but they have shared the message of the Living Water, the only One who can truly satisfy.

New Ghadi, Botswana – After graduating from the Pretoria Live School, Biki returned to his family in the small village of New Ghadi, Botswana. He soon discovered that he needed a way to provide for his family while still doing missionary work. Applying the principles he learned in Live School’s “You Can Start A Business” course, he traveled to the nearest town, bought some foodstuffs, and started a small grocery store in his village. The store’s income supports his family and his ministry, and employs many local people. As others in the village watch Biki’s resourcefulness, the Gospel he preaches is made more genuine and tangible.